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Welcome, if you came to our website it is because you are looking for products that capture your happy and unique personality. Well you are in the right place, here you will find everything about one of the most tender emojis ever, the poop ones.

Unicorn poop candy

Are you one of the people who likes colors? Here we bring you the catalog of rainbow unicorn poop sweets. This is going to be the sweetest shit you will taste in your life.

Toilet stools

Although in some cultures the issue of evacuating is still taboo, it is important for our health to know what is the correct way to evacuate, that’s why we bring you the best stools to poop..

games and toys

Are you bored and looking for something different to do with your friends? In Poop Shop we offer you the best games related to poop. You will not regret our suggestions.


Our eternal faithful friend, is just another living being that needs to do his basic needs, and we can take care of collecting his poop, even if it is not pleasant. We must go to the task anyway, we must be prepared with a good bag of dog poop will make the task easier as well as keeping our environment clean. Check our bestsellings!


Stripes, squares, flowers … how to coordinate cushions of different patterns and make them look good? Well, forget about making combinations because with our emoji poop pillows, none of it will matter because of how fun and cool they are.


Are you a true fan of poop emoji? Well come on, style all your belongings by personalizing them with our varied and eccentric poop emoji stickers.How funny would your bicycle or laptop look with a sticker of these instead of showing those boring logos!


Today we offer you a series of books on how to leave the diaper and start using the toilet. All of them contain endearing stories starring characters with whom the little ones will quickly connect and learn a lot. With our books you will easily show your kid how to learn how to poop. Bestsellings poop books here!


Our Emoji Poop Slippers are a type of footwear that is very comfortable, light and ideal for feet to rest and feel comfortable after work or some other activity. They are also often used for much of the day when we stay at home and don’t go anywhere. The slippers are usually of different materials, colors and designs, but they share the common denominator of being flexible and light.

pool floats

Enjoy the good weather with our fantastic Poop emoji pool floats for the pool. This summer don’t forget to equip yourself well and get the funniest designs for shit on floats and mats that you can use both in the pool and on the beach. There are amazing models that will look great in your photos.


There are no excuses to leave the dog’s droppings on the street, so today we will see a few tools to collect them. Some are traditional and rudimentary, others are more sophisticated, but in any case our pooper scoopers will help us to pass that less unpleasant moment for the owners..


One of the most anticipated days of the year is that of the Holy Innocents, twenty-four hours in which you can play all kinds of jokes. Here we show you a good repertoire of varied Fake poop pranks so you can do your antics. But if you are left blank, here are some ideas to enjoy spending innocent this December 28. Of course, be careful because the innocent can also be you.

Party decorations

We must know that decoration is much more than adorning or simply adding details and accessories to something. We have a whole range of ornaments perfect to decorate everything related to the poop emoji. We have the best Poop emoji decorations assortments worldwide.


Socks are a rather curious garment: we pay very little attention to them and, on the other hand, they are decisive for both our comfort and our style. These can go completely unnoticed in our outfit or, on the other hand, divert attention completely intentionally since with our fab emoji poop socks you will be the center of attention..


Discover our collection of printed, basic, straps, short-sleeved, plain, V-neck shirts. Enhance your everyday wardrobe with our printed poop emoji tshirts, bet on fashion motifs and patterns that reflect your personality.


We all like birthdays … And whoever says otherwise lies! We can already be 40 to be 16, the question is that when we find out that our loved ones have organized a birthday party for us, no one can hide that half smile that is drawn on their faces when feeling so valued by their loved ones . Well if it is about smiles you are going to kill the birthday boy when he sees our super fun poop emoji balloons..


In the world of caps, new brands emerge every year competing to conquer lovers of this unique accessory, from original brands with great history such as Nike, Calvin Klein, Armani and New Era but why stress yourself out and pay hundreds of dollars? With our poop emoji hat you will have a unique style.


Getting the bathroom to always smell good is no easy feat. Just think about this scenario: you need to go poop, but you are in the office, there is only one bathroom and you certainly do not want to do it, your solution is our bathsroom poop sprays.


Do you like dressing up as one? Discover the largest catalog of poop emoji costumes at Poop Shop. Choose the most original and fun costume at the best price.

Rakes, spades and trays

If you like animals and you have cats and dogs in your house, the right thing to do would be to have the right tools to easily collect excrement. In our store we offer you the best rakes, shovels and trays for collecting poop.


Keys are a fairly everyday thing and are used frequently for absolutely everything, as we usually lock everything for some reason or another, commonly for security. However, not for being something of daily use it should look bad or common. This is why we show you the most original poop emoji keychains collection.


Giving away a personalized mug is always a good idea. It is an original and very practical detail that will bring joy to the mornings of that special person. But enough of giving away the same boring cups, give one away with a huge smiling poop. Check out our Poop emoji mugs that will make you smile even if you don’t buy.

Phones cases

Having your Smartphone without a case or a cover is like driving a car without a bumper and none of us want our device to be scratched or broken. There are many and varied options that you have to take care of and protect your precious mobile phone, so many that you feel blocked when choosing the most appropriate one, because don’t think about it anymore, our poop emoji phone cases are the most beautiful and cool.


Accessories are essential in every woman’s closet, they are the ones that complete the look, they give a fresh look to our clothes. Necklaces, hair accessories, jewelry and more will complement a modern and funny look as our emoji poop accessories will make you stand out from the rest.

Poop shop, the inspirational store about poop emoji gifts and products

It is one of the most famous emoticons in the world and its probable meanings are, to say the least, mysterious and disturbing. The smiling WhatsApp poop is a symbol that was born thanks to a peculiar character from the irreverent ‘South Park’: a Christmas dung that arrives to put peace in the town where Kenny and company live, in full debate on what is politically correct and religious sensitivity.

We know what you’re worth and not because we talk about shit that means you’re worth that to us. We appreciate the people who visit our website and that is why we have given ourselves the task of collecting the most iconic products about the poop emoji or as it is originally called pile of poo.
Take all the time you want and enjoy all our product categories very well structured just for your comfort.


Why the topic of poop emoji

One of the things that makes us smartphone users smile enough is the poop emoji, the smiling dung that looks like the happiest thing in the world despite being what it is.

Poop emoji have been around practically since the birth of chats, and therefore instant communication from computers and mobile devices. First was Messenger, as nostalgics who still lived a adolescence using this program will remember. Later, other chats, both independent and from social networks, began to incorporate them into their tools, until -finally- ‘WhatsApp’ rose as the queen of mobile communication, making a wide range of these symbols available to us.

The fecal emoticon was approved by Unicode, the consortium formed by companies such as Apple, Google or Microsoft in charge of these tasks, in October 2010. From there, each company would adapt the so-called ‘pile of poo’ (“pile of poop” , translated into Spanish with little subtlety) creating his own ’emoji’.