FAKE Poop pranks

Are you one of those who likes to make jokes? Here we show you the most varied collection of fake poop pranks for kids that you can find anywhere on the internet. We have in all the colors and textures available perfect for your joke to be perfect.

Every good joker must have his resources to make jokes at any time and an element that cannot be missed is your lying poop kit. Here we present our most famous lists products related to shit: the poop pranks products

The Floater Fake Poo Poop for Pranks

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Why buy Fake Poop Pranks in our shop?

We will tell you what is the most famous joke you can do, in public toilets or at school but be careful that you can be expelled if you are discovered. You can buy our famous fake poops and place them in the bathrooms, making others believe that they have left the bathroom completely dirty. You will die of laughter when you see people running after finding tremendous and giant poop, remember that we have in any texture you are looking for.

Can I make funny fake poop pranks by myself?

The first thing we have to do is pour a little water into our bowl. Next, we have to start shredding the cardboard roll to put it in the water. We let the pieces of cardboard soak well and soften. When they are soft enough, we have to cut the cardboard into even smaller pieces.

After some time has passed and the cardboard is soaked, we take a handful and press it with our hands to shape it.

As you can see, it already has the shape and the texture but it still lacks the color. To do this, we pour the soy sauce into a glass, add a little white glue and stir everything with a spoon. Then, we pour our droppings into the glass so that they are impregnated with the mixture. We take our fake poop out of the glass and let it dry for a couple of hours. After that time, the result should be this:

As you can see, the result seems totally real but, in addition, it has a disgusting smell, so now we can have fun with our friends or family using it to play pranks or hidden cameras.

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