Poop emoji keychains

The best way to avoid misplacing the keys is to place a huge and eye-catching keychain on it, which makes it easy for us to locate our set of keys after leaving it lying around the house. What if the keychain is a poop emoji? Rather, using a poop emoji keychain will make it hard to lose sight of them as these are so funny.

Why buy poop emoji keychains here?

We are one of the largest websites that puts at your disposal, hundreds of articles in the form of shit, if you are coprophilic then you got to heaven of shit and if you are not, one or another article will make you shit with laughter, cheer, Go and see all our offers of poop emoji keychains.

I am not a doctor in neurology, psychology or anything that has to do with the complicated system of neural networks, with which our brain processes and stores information. Neither am I an evolutionist or a geneticist who can clarify how genetic memory is transmitted from generation to generation, to give species an extra knowledge that guarantees their survival.

Why buy crappy poop emoji keychains?

I’m just someone who tells you that we are genetically conditioned to avoid stepping on dog shit in the street, the way poop has is unmistakable, and since we were little, we are trained by our parents to avoid stepping on poop. We distinguish it from meters away and we can even do it without focusing with our eyes, it is enough to use peripheral vision to detect it.

It is this innate ability that we humans have to distinguish shit, out of thousands of shapes and objects that our eyes see at every glance, that makes a keyring ideal for shit.

Think about it for a moment, if your keychain has an unmistakable shape, easy to spot and for which (according to me, who as I said I am not an expert in the area) we are genetically prepared to distinguish it, how do you think you are going to lose your keys?

It becomes impossible, your keys will be in full view, you will never have to search and search incessantly, and all this thanks to your shitty keychain. You will no longer listen – I don’t know – in response to the million dollar question have you seen my keys? – Everyone will know, or at least be able to see easily, thanks to your new poop keychain.

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