Poop emoji mugs

A gift mug is always a very welcome gift for all people. Do you know how much they thank you when you give a cup that serves for coffee every morning? And especially if apart from that delicious coffee the house will bring you a huge smile! At Poop Shop we have a variety collection of Poop emoji mugs in all styles and varieties.

KING of pile Poo Poop Emoji Coffee Mug

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Emoji of Oh Poop Mug made of Ceramic

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Mug pile of Poo Poop Emoji Coffee Mug

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Mug of Poop emoji Princess

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Emoji poop of shit Happens

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Why buy poop emoji mugs and cups?

Until the sun today I have not met anyone who does not drink coffee, although many will tell you that they do not, the truth is that at some point they take their cup of coffee to wake up the dream. Assuming they don’t drink coffee, and are truly caffeine-free, then they’ll have tea or at least hot milk. So, whatever the preferred drink, there is something that is very clear, and that is that we all need cups. But personalization is in all of us, the most basic and easiest way to use a personalized mug is to engrave or paint a message, then we can say that the mugs with images are coming, but without a doubt the best is to have a themed mug with the theme that you are more passionate about.

If poop makes you laugh, then you need a poop-themed mug, people are always going to interpret things as they see fit, so don’t worry about things like “what are they going to say about me?” There will be those who believe you are coprophilic and the one who says “is giving the message that modern society eats a lot of shit, and leaves aside the basic and fundamental problems that affect us all just because we are arrogant and selfish” yes, that is how profound it can be become the interpretation of someone who watches you drink your coffee from a poop-shaped cup. Even though you only do it for fun.

Give a poop-shaped mug to show your love

“I wish you were the shit that muddies my role” or perhaps better “love without being loved … it’s like cleaning your ass without shitting” are love phrases with the theme of shit. They are nothing new, and I have not invented them myself. I present them to you so you can see that it is very normal to show appreciation using shit as a metaphor.