Poop games and toys

It sounds twisted but there are those who love poop games, but on this website we do not get lost and we know what people are looking for even if it is pure shit.
In Poop Shop you will find the coolest poop games for kids in the entire store and just one click away for your comfort.
We know that you are looking for everything from dolls that’s makes poop to board games related to this avant-garde theme, do not be afraid of what is related to shit is on trend.

Why buy poop games from this shop?

These games will make you spend time having fun either as your family or friends. You are going to poop from the laughter you are going to have playing.

In life you have to take everything and not get stressed or give a lot of mind to problems, you should joke around with your friends and relax playing with whatever comes up.

Why are the so many poop games?

The games and other recreational activities are a good help for parents who face what is often called time to make poop, that key moment when children leave the diaper and go to relieve themselves in a urinal or the adapted toilet.

In general, the farewell to the diaper occurs between the two and three years of life of the little one, and it is always of utmost importance to respect his own times. It is essential to keep in mind that the activities proposed in this article are only an aid and, in no case, can they be taken as a recipe to advance or accelerate processes.

Is safe to use poop games and toys for learning porpuses?

According to studies done, the child is ready to leave the diaper when he has enough physical preparation (he already walks without help , coordinates the movement of the hands, can lower and raise the pants ) and when he is already capable to follow instructions (sit in a chair, imitate someone) and to control the bladder (the little one urinates enough once every two or three hours and by his gestures or posture it is clear that he realizes when he will do it). That’s the reason that poop toys will help your kids to learn this process.

In addition to the best poop emoji games and toys, in our store we also have: