This set of poop rakes, spade and trays are very practical to collect fecal matter from dogs and cats in the garden or patio. It is ideal to always have it on hand to quickly lift waste and avoid accidentally stepping on it and dirtying footwear and the house. You can store it in any strategic corner of the garden or inside an easily accessible shed. When you’re not using it, you can leave the brush mounted on the shovel handle, taking up minimal storage space. The dustpan and rake set is ideal for use on the patio, in a garden, or in kennels.

Why buy poop rakes, spade and trays in this shop?

Gentlemen, they should not wait for you to tell them that you have to have hygiene and that is why we give you all these options of how to collect shit and make your life more practical and easy. In our store we will present you with the most ergonomic and lightweight selection of shit collectors.

Do not leave the poop watered from your animals, that speaks a lot about the education of a person. Do you know how ugly it looks when you leave your dog or cat litter in the park and don’t pick it up or in the garden of your house or that of your neighbor? By God, look how easy we are putting all the options here and just one click away to order.