Collecting poop is the least pleasant part of having a dog. The poop scoopers are used consistently to keep the animal owner from the rare feeling of touching the excrement on his hand. Responsible masters take their dogs for walks not only to exercise but to take advantage of their needs, but many do not consider that they must clean the waste to avoid disease and contamination.

For this reason, at Poop Shop we have brought you the largest collection of instruments to make it easier for you to collect the poop.

Where to buy poop scoopers?

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It is in very bad taste to leave the poop of your dog or cats in the streets, in fact, your neighbor could get angry with you by leaving every day that your animal makes its needs in front of a foreign house.

This is why it is Poop Shop we have given ourselves the task of gathering the best poop pickers and showing them all in one place. Remember A medium-sized dog generates about 18 kilos of excrement per month, which are transformed into dust and incorporated into the air we breathe. We tell you how it affects our health and that of our children. To become aware.  

Do you really need poop scooper services?

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Managing the cleaning and disposal of these wastes is very expensive for the cities, and although the irresponsible owners who do not collect them are a minority, this has a real negative impact on the perception of domestic dogs.

In addition, dog feces are a risk to the health of people and other animals because they contain harmful parasites. The most common is a parasite called Toxocara Canis, which can cause a very serious infection called Toxocarosis.

Consequences of not using Pooper scoopers with bag

The transfer of parasites and bacteria to wild animals and other pets, not just dogs.

Pollution of the environment, especially water. When it rains, feces can end up in ponds, lakes, rivers, etc … Bacteria present in the stool, such as E.Coli, giardias or campylobacter, all dangerous and thast why we present you the best dog poop scooper for grass.

With this information, you can help us inform other dog owners so that everyone is encouraged to collect the feces of their furry out of respect for people and the environment.

In some country’s leaving dog excrement on the street is a violation of the law. But this has not yet achieved that all the capitals fulfill this obligation, as evidenced in dozens of daily messages on Twitter or Facebook in which people complain about stepping on or finding canine waste in the parks and streets of the City.

Bumping into dog feces on the street is also unpleasant, not only because of the smell, but because of the risk of stepping on them, which is why some people also consider it disrespectful for others not to collect them.

The popular saying goes that stepping on poop brings luck. However, far from being a certainty, the fecal matter of dogs that remains on the streets has become a serious environmental problem with a strong impact in terms of public health. It is a further impression of the absence of instruction on mindful pet proprietorship and government assistance and regard for the certain guidelines of conjunction that must be accepted in a sound society.

The problem starts from the moment the stool hits the ground: bad odor and flies surrounding the stool are the beginning of a dangerous cycle that carries serious health risks. 24 hours after the dog defecated, the sun and humidity begin their part. On the one hand, the sun’s rays solidify the feces, they turn into dust and in this way they are dispersed by the wind. Moisture and rain make the poop scatter; In this case, the chances of water, food and air contamination are increased. The fecal issue that is left in squares and walkways evaporates and transforms into dust. This produces pollution from the air, from the underground aquifer, from water tanks, from recreation places and, in addition, they can enter our body through from the air we breathe or from the intake of food that is made on public roads, as is the case with street vendors.