Poop sprays

What is the worst smell in the world? We have read and heard of everything. The smell of garbage, a rotten egg, milk cut, and even the smell of weasel feces or vomit of vultures has reached our ears – we have been as amazed as you are. But my friends, we still believe that there is nothing worse than the foul smell of the human poop.  In our shop we are going to show a list of the best poop sprays air refreshers.

Why buy bathrooms Poop sprays refresher here?

It doesn’t take a lot of imagination to get an idea, right? Well indeed, the main causes of bad bathroom odor are those that are going through your mind right now, the pee and the poop. Feces and urine can contain up to 200 types of chemical compounds, which vary depending on each person, their health and diet. Have you ever noticed that poop smells different to you when you have eaten a specific food? But hey, we better not stray from the subject and leave this food-poop affair for another occasion.

To this we must add other factors that favor bad odors such as disinfectant products that are used to clean bathrooms or cover bad odors, which sometimes more than solve the problem, mix with other odors and seem to have the remedy was worse than the disease, right? A clean bathroom can also smell bad!

These bad smells in toilets, not only cause you to back down when you squeeze or even nausea, but they convey an image of poor hygiene and therefore the rejection of its users.

The key to dealing with this smelly situation is good, thorough and thorough hygiene. By this we mean that it is not enough just to add air freshener sprays that cover the odor or to have a tremendously clean bathroom, but also to treat the air quality well. 

In addition to the best poop sprays for bad odors, in our store we also have: