Poop toilet stools

Making poop is one of our basic physiological needs and going to the toilet is an intimate activity, which is not talked about much, but which we all carry out daily. Since childhood we have been taught to sit in the toilet, and we take it for granted that there is only one acceptable way to drop ballast. But we are wrong. Very wrong. That why we have a large collection of toilet spool so you can make poop like a king.

Why buy poop stools for toilet in this shop?

It seems like an outrageous idea that we start to squat, but it is not. Many common ailments like constipation, hemorrhoids, and even appendicitis have increased since the appearance of the modern toilet. We do not stop seeing ads in which fiber consumption is advised to lighten our belly, when in fact it is much more effective to change the posture in which we defecate.
It is true, sitting on the toilet as we sit in a chair is much more comfortable than squatting, but it takes time – quite a bit of time, since it takes us three times to expel feces – and can bring us problems that we would not have if we met our needs the way our bodies are designed to do: squat. Problems including hemorrhoids (improper defecation increases the pressure in the blood vessels in the anal region) and erection disorders, which in many cases are caused by the swelling of certain vessels near the rectum, which in turn cause an irritation of some contiguous nerves involved in the erection.
This does not mean that we have to change the toilet for the backyard of the house: the squatting position can easily adapt in our toilets. There is even an American company, Squaty Potty, that markets a kind of step designed to make it easier to squat in the toilet. But it is not necessary to spend the money, in reality it is enough to use a small stool that allows us to keep our feet up or, simply, adopt the position on top of the cup. Our body will appreciate it.

Does poop stools are good for health?

Since the modern toilet was invented, the way we do our business has changed. And it changed for the worse. We are all adopting a posture to shit (enough of euphemisms) that is not natural and entails serious health problems.
As all proctologists know, and numerous studies have confirmed, the correct way to relieve ourselves is the one we use when there are no toilets: squatting. And it is not a casual decision

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