Unicorn poop candy

Unicorns have invaded our shop and have become a definitive trend, they are full of magic, glitter, pastel rainbows and an innovation. That’s why we have brought you the most beautiful shit you will see in the whole world, the unicorn poop candies.
Just to remind you The unicorn is a mythological creature commonly depicted as a white horse with antelope legs, goat eyes and beard, and a horn on its forehead. In modern representations, however, it is identical to a horse, only differing in the existence of the horn

Mini Unicorn Pops Candyes

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Delicious Unicorn Candy Bracelets

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Why buy unicorn poop candy at Poop Shop?

You cannot imagine how much children love rainbows, that’s why in Poop Shop we display a variety of Unicorn poop sweets perfect for parties and to make very original gifts.
The obsession with unicorns is a trend of millions of young people in the world that brands are making the most of. But why is this strange trend connecting millions of Millennials?
The generation that groups people between 18 and 32 years old interact on different social platforms where Instagram and Snapchat have opened the doors to teach our followers the best face of our life , photos, short and ephemeral videos with hundreds of filters that make them moments that we share seem magical, very much in the style of a unicorn, pastel color, perfect, tender and mythical.

In addition to the best UNICORNS POOP CANDYS, in our store we also have: